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Traveling Open Art Display (TOAD)
Up in Open Arms
June 5- June 28

Opening Reception Friday, June 5th 8-11pm
Additional events will be held the 3 following Fridays from 8-11pm: June 12, June 19, June 26

PICTURES FROM the four weeks of work curated by Sea and Space for the JOHNS ARM space


John's Arms, 2009, photo by Lara Bank, in the
collection of Nate Garcia.

Dissemination Station & Space Creation Station (marker or tattoo), 2009, up for duration of show

A Survey of Creating Ways of Existing in or Exploding Everyday Routine
, 2009, interactive wall piece,
up for duration of show

Declorations Day, 2009, one night event

Declorations Day, t-shirt made by participant.


Personal Creation Chambers, 2009, Emily Lacy performing in the 1 1/2 Person Room

Personal Creation Chambers, 2009, Jade Thacker and Elizabeth Barlog's Farrah Faucet Hairdo's in the Windy Room

Personal Creation Chambers, 2009,
Egg Standing by Sybren Renema

Personal Creation Chambers, 2009,
Black Dripping Paint in the Black
Room by Aaron Wrinkle


The Traveling Open Art Display (TOAD) is an art space delineated in tattoo ink on the forearms of two Johns--- 2" x 4" plots of skin that have hosted drawings, petite paintings, mini-sculptures, micro-performances and more! by over 100 artists over the last two years. In June, Sea and Space will be engaging in a curatorial exchange with TOAD, collaborating to fill these skinny plots and the Sea and Space gallery with works that inject creativity into routine and conflate the boundaries between public and personal space.

Each Friday evening in June, TOAD will host different events at Sea and Space Explorations. These events will double as openings for weekly exhibitions in TOAD.

Dec(l)oration Day: Friday, June 12th, 8pm
On this very important day, we will gather with the intent of injecting as much expression as possible into the appearance of ourselves and the objects and environments we interact with on a daily basis. Tired of that corporate label on your shirt? Let's make a patch to sew over it! Or we can make a new shirt all together and then cover your face in customized stickers! And your car too! Let's use our adornments as a means of personal propaganda--we will reassess decoration as a strategy of expression rather than simple beautification.

Discussion on Site Dependent Art Space or Place Art: Friday, June 19th, 8pm
For this discussion, we would like to invite various Southern California curator/artists that have or are invested in sited art spaces in unconventional or everyday locations--arms, peepholes, trees, traffic islands, floating mini cubes, etc. Together, we will discuss the ramifications of these sited spaces: the call for art everywhere or anywhere, the insistence of context awareness, and the role of the artist/curator in these endeavors. Send questions/topics/statements for the discussion chickensofthepeople@gmail.com

Personal Creation Chambers: Friday, June 26, 8pm
On the final friday of the exhibition, the gallery will be divided into several small rooms (fitting two or three people). Each chamber will contain different environments: a windy room, a room that's pitch-black, a soundproof room, a bedroom, an ascending room, and more... all dedicated to one-on-one performances! Join!


Sea and Space will put out a call (by email and a suggestion box here at the gallery) weekly for ideas for the 2" X 4" plots of skin on each John's forearm. Every week two ideas will be selected and will be enacted on each Friday night of the exhibition (June 5th , June 12th , June 19th , and June 26th) on the arm of each John. Ideas will be chosen based on their ingenuity, creativity, and radicalism. No John may be injured or permanently altered. Possible formats could include petite paintings and drawings, mini-sculpture, micro-performance, projections, experimental sound works, etc. All will be documented. To submit an idea, email info@seaandspace.org with your concept. All concepts will be documented on the website. If you wish to remain anonymous, just let us know.

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In addition to their life-long commitment to Temporary Open Arm Display, Johns Barlog and Burtle construct workshops, interventions, and public actions that strive to catalyze awareness of one's influence on their environment and community. Though these projects often manifest in public spaces--malls, parks, and streets--they have exhibited internationally at Estacion Tijuana, MX, and .CBH Berlin, DE, and locally at LACE and 29025 Eveningside Drive. To submit proposals for TOAD or just for a good chat, email us at chickensofthepeople@gmail.com

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