4755 York Blvd Los Angeles CA 90042

Sun 1-5pm



[if you want it] xo
Saturday, June 21st - Sunday, June 22nd, 2008

5pm - 5pm
24 hour
live installation viewable through front windows of the gallery
streaming video access: http://www.mogulus.com/seaandspace

Open to the public for interaction Sunday, June 22nd, 1 - 5 pm

At 5pm, on Saturday June 21st, participants will arrive at Sea and Space Explorations in Eagle Rock, toting personal technological devices and creative materials prepared to spend the night and following day in the gallery.

The WORK IN is to be a 24-hour live installation, a collective meditation focusing on restoring the ideas and deeds of ACTIVISM, DEMOCRATIC DIALOGUE, ORGANIZATION, thereby exploring the ROLE THE ARTIST plays within his/her community. Inspired by the John Lennon and Yoko Ono's "Bed-In" events and the Happenings of the late 60's, this installation will revive the idea of peaceful protest while reconciling itself with the virulent state of domestic and world affairs. The group's action might, in other societies, be considered a subversive, unpatriotic act, that is in speaking freely about reorganizing democratically and re-conceiving what it is to be a body politic to incite change. Thus, the group will celebrate its constitutional rights in America to organize and speak freely by streaming a live video during the event, and inviting online participation at www.ifyouwantitxo.blogspot.com. The verisimilitude of collectively discovering a social order in real time, while under self-imposed surveillance, physically positioned in an art space raises questions of actuality. Is it real or is it an act? Are you, as the viewer, content to remain just that; or will you be inspired to participate?

The WORK IN [if you want it] xo will come to conclusion on Sunday, June 22nd at 5pm. During gallery hours (Sunday, June 22nd, 1-5pm) visitors of the gallery will be welcome to involve themselves with what transpires.

24 Hour Confirmed Participants:
1) Brit Manor
3) Aaron Garcia
4) Allison Karmen
5) John-Erik Jordan
6) Mike Flores
7) Suzanne Mejean
8) Angel Paz
9) Meagan Adele Lopez

[This event is in continuation of and supported by members of LA vs. WAR.]

Brit Manor is a musician, actress, and local organizer living and working in LA.

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