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Sea and Space Explorations

Saturday, August 29th, 6-10pm

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FleaMarket & Food Court

We're hosting a Flea Market free-for-all and a mini-food court to raise funds for Sea and Space operating expenses. The Resort Raiser features the scavenging and culinary skills of the Sea and Space family. Visitors can expect to get a haircut from performance artist and renowned owner of Salon Desire in Hollywood, Mariel Carranza, pet and human psychic readings from magic world making artist Claire Cronin, massage instruction from experimental guru Adam Overton, homemade soap from Suzanne Adelman, Fluxus popsicles by Haruko Tanaka, John B & Miky M 's Nutbutter & Jelly Bar (Americas favorite sandwich made from fresh made an assortment of the finest ingredients, and only $1 a sandwich), Marcos Siref will do henna tattoos, and Akina Cox's Presidents of the United States book. And performances by Simone Gad (short spoken word piece), Homesick Elephant and Doormouse.

Resort Raiser may also feature vegetables, clothing, jewelry, pies, pedicures, and leftovers. Bring it on down, set your prices, and split your profits any way you like with the gallery.

Resort Raiser
is part of Sea and Space's summertime beach Resort II.
For the complete schedule and more information visit: http://www.seaandspace.org/resort2.html

For more info contact: Lara Bank at lara@seaandspace.org

Sea and Space Explorations
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