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“Fashion 2012”
Project by Marc Herbst
Friday, January 29nd at 8pm

In creating a style-based strategy towards an anarchist populism, artist Marc Herbst will introduce his predictions for style for the spring of 2012, during the post capital and global-warming era through a slide presentation and performance exercises. The goal of Fashion 2012 is to outlines productive areas for contemporary cultural production

In this one night, attendees will be led through a thought process that identifies a range of contemporary styles and identify a rich and relatively untapped surface for radical cultural production. 

Fashion 2012, a style guide for the future was created as a surface-oriented response to social practice. 

Fashion 2012 embraces simulacra and media in a manner not at all like situationism. While situationism asks how media can rupture the surface of mediatic representation, while Fashion 2012 instead asks how the surface situates social relations as a predetermined fact. The project pragmatically asks what style and fashion can do to allow for social relations that enable a cultural shift towards collaborative, ecological, horizontal and sustainable economies. 

The Latest issue of Fashion 2012 contains an essay by Gavin Grindon considering affective emotionality in protest. Gavin Grindon is currently a researcher and lecturer in visual culture at Kingston and Goldsmiths Universities in London.



Marc Herbst is an artist, thinker and cultural organizer who works independently and in collaboration with others. He is a co-editor of the Journal of Aesthetics & Protest (co-edited with Christina Ulke and Robby Herbst). Independently and collaboratively, his labor has been presented at PS1, the Tate Museum, AK Press, Machine Projects, South London Gallery, and the Los Angeles Encampment Against the War among other places. 

Fashion 2012 is the latest media project by Herbst that looks at ways to re-network human consciousness. It is drawn from his ongoing investigation into the ways that culture can radically affect social constructs. This project directly arises out of an investigation into how cool might be used as a politicized media network, similar to Pacifica or Fox News. Somewhere between a professional imperative to distinguish his own creative voice, and a further embracing of the deep possibilities of marginal thoughts, partially a continued exploration into non-traditional forms of media, and partially a continuation of his interest in political change, Fashion 2012 allows Herbst to discuss visionary concepts near and dear to his creative heart. 

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