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Animated Experiments in Non-Theatrical Socialization
May 2nd -May 13th


Through this series animation is presented as a political and personal act of expression. The works presented stress animation as a fertile terrain for experimentation and activism. The screening location and tactics are dependent upon the subjects and issues dealt with within the films produced allowing installation (gallery and outside locations) to become the primary presentation methodology instead of the festival model. The intent of presenting in an alternative model being to experience a greater sense of agency in determining how our films are to be made visible, to communicate with a different public, and to encourage discussion during the presentation process which the festival model does not foster.
Installations and Screenings:

Saturday, May 3rd, 8-11 PM
Sunday, May 4th, 1-5 PM gallery hours for viewing show

Interactive Portraits
Deborah Allison
The dialog of a relationship expressed through mundane gestures.


Action News with Skip Thompson
Dave Horowitz
This just in; news is irritating and confusing!

Vote For ME(dia)

Sean Cox
An interactive installation that brings to the forefront modern media’s power to sway opinion in the voting process, and urges participants to choose for themselves.

Waiting for Bogot

Wyatt Poist
If shots aren’t fired, how long will he wait?
The Hollywood detective in his natural state of waiting.  The existence of the film noir detective seems to be waiting for the inevitable shoot out.



Friday, May 9th, 8-11PM

Wonderland in the Wall
Amanda Tasse
A love story in surreal stereoscopic space.
3D glasses will be provided.

Bitches Gather!
Paul Shepherd & Dave Damant
Wall canvas, laser brush, car battery power, your neighbor’s an artist – video graffiti in your community – no $@#%ing crime here!


Saturday, May 10th, 8-11PM opening
Sunday, May 11th, 1-5 PM
gallery hours for viewing show

Bike in the Ocean
Quin Yang Wang
A video installation that brings you to the deep ocean surrounded by jellyfish.


Bike in the sky
Hyunjung Rhee
Ride a bike through a sky of sun, rain, snow, day and night.

Brigade Parade: A Sidewalk Perspective Drawing
Brian Lee
Through conventional projection-drawing techniques, this project explores the illusion of dimensionality in a public space.


Also a part of this series but at an alternate location:

Tuesday, May 13th, 7PM
Interactive Media Lab
Robert Zemeckis Center for Digital Arts, University of Southern California
3131 South Figueroa Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90089-7756

Renae Radford
A visual music installation that redefines how a viewer can be immersed in an orchestrated musical and visual performance.