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Aug. 6th

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December 11-13th

Our annual fundraiser benefit for Sea and Space Explorations

Friday night, Dec 11th 8-11pm
8pm doors open, 9pm tickets are picked at random
free admission, ruffle tickets are $15 apiece, buy as many as you want.

Local artists will be donating work to the gallery to be auctioned off.
Over 80 fabulous local artists donated works last year.
This is your chance to purchase artwork for a great price and help your local art space.

Donate an artwork or service!
Bring it on by:
Tuesday Dec 8, 7-10pm
Wednesday Dec 9, 7-10pm
Thursday Dec 10, 7-10pm
Friday Dec 11, 5-7pm

You can give a service or an object. Nothing will be turned away - it all helps. You can raffle off a service of any kind. Just let us know what you want to do and we will type up a certificate...email lara@seaandspace.org

list of artists contributing work...Danielle Adair, Suzanne Adelman, Mark Allen, Ismael de Anda, Bianca D'Amico, Nicole Antebi, Smilee Barnacle, , Lara Bank, John Barlog, Chris Bassett, John Burtle, Mariel Carranza, Frank Chang, Dorit Cypis, Hana van der Kolk, Willia Drew, Karl Erickson, John Fishback, Sean Gall, Amy Green, April Guthrie, Kent Hammond, Marc Herbst, D. Jean Hester, Pam Jorden, Heidi Kidon, Jason Kunke, Erika Lizee, Matt MacFarland, Elana Mann, Anna Mayer, Carol McDowell, Larry Mullins, Jill Newman, Miriam Noske, Jessica Ruvalcaba, Jane Tsong, Tyler Waxman, Ben White,


Julia Holter and accompaniment Julia Holter and accompaniment
B.Y.O.F.F. Video

Saturday night, Dec 12th 9pm - midnight, $10 donation at the door
with performances by three fantastic groups:

B.Y.O.F.F. (bring your own femme fatale/fresh fruit depending on what day of the week it is) - An all female acoustic guitar, ukelele and vocal group playing covers (from Mirah to Prince) and originals as well

Julia Holter - I am always in Los Angeles making songs or drawings or words, or songs with words and drawings with words or wordsongs, etc. Most of the time, they come into being, because I once saw or heard something intense or beautiful in the world that inspired them. Sometimes they seem to come from nowhere, which probably means they are coming from so many places I can't trace it all. I never understand these things that happen, but they seem very strong and happy on their own and I am enjoying helping them come about. http://www.myspace.com/juliaholter

Video - we are a band. our music is about lots of different kinds of things. we are all from different places: oregon, washington, colorado, indiana, illinois, and california. i think we're having a lot of fun. we hope you are having a lot of fun. high five. http://www.myspace.com/videoradical


day, Dec 13th 2-6pm
organized by Adriana Yugovich & Lara Bank

FREE AND OPEN Giant Clothes Swap, no charge, no admission, no money changing hands, just bring your clothes and trade them. Ideally you will leave something if you are taking something away.


Why is your support necessary?
Sea and Space has hosted over 350 artists and performers in the 2 1/2 years that we have been open. We strive to provide opportunities to people who create challenging exploratory work meanwhile maintaining a welcome and inclusive atmosphere. As long as spaces like this exist, supported by the community it serves, then our community can continue to flourish.

Oh no, I can't come to any of this, how can I help?

Any amount is support and welcome and helps to pay for operating costs which amounts to around $1000 a month.

Sea and Space is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, so all donations are tax-deductable.

Checks can be mailed to:
Sea and Space Explorations
4755 York Boulevard
LA, CA 90042