Are you a serious painter? Are tired of isolation or critique as conversation? Are you looking for a way to talk to other painters without sacrificing your self-esteem? Then please join us for the first inaugural

Exploratory conversations in painting practices in the present

SATURDAY JULY 21 ST , 11AM till whenever
Sea and Space Explorations
4755 York St. Los Angeles, 90042

Here are the principles:

We will talk about painting in the context of the world/s we live in: real, imaginary, or other.

We will not bring in artwork for critique, but rather ask questions of ourselves about what is meaningful now, what we want from our practice and for our worlds.

We accept that capital and the marketplace have become a part of painting practice but reject that it may dictate it.

We affirm, "I want to participate in the dialogue as myself" and "I follow my own path."

We know that artmaking does have a cultural and political function.

We set out a place for the "human" through confusion, flaw, expansion, and paradox.

We will look at what is behind our painting, what we are trying to convey, what we see, allowing for fluctuation and growth in our practice.

We believe that change is not failure.

We encourage experimentation and risk.

We talk to each other with respect, recognizing that disagreement can be civil, but

We do not debate, we explore.

We invite all people with a dedicated painting practice .

PAINTERS' BREAKFAST will take place the third Saturday of each month at a different location each time. Come be a part of it. We will eat food at these events too, and you can bring some. Contact: Lauren 323 697-2287 or Amy 323 668-9137.