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Euhemerus on the Graceland Tour
Ben White
July 11th - August 2nd, 2009

Opening on Saturday, July 11th, 7-11pm

Ed Crossing the St. Johns.
Acrylic and spray paint on panel.
42"x 31"

Hamilton Fires on a Suddenly Appearing Crab Nebula.
Acrylic and spray paint on panel.   31"x 41"  

Reprobus Ferries Washington Across the Delaware.
Acrylic and spray paint on panel. 40"x 48".

Rebecca Nurse Totally Tripping Balls.
Acrylic on panel. 18"x 21"

Jacob Wrestles With El or an Angel During the 2112 Tour.
Acrylic on panel. 30"x 29"     

McAuliffe Devouring the Challenger.
Acrylic and spray paint on panel. 12"x 12"

Tesla Stays the Hand of Abraham, Gives Edison His Comeuppance. Acrylic and spray paint on panel. 50"x 30"  

Ratzinger Slide Tackles Sol Invictus at the Christmas Truce of 1914. Acrylic and spray paint on panel. 45"x 31"    

The First Council of Nicea Agrees on the Nature of Leviathan. Acrylic and spray paint on panel. 49"x 30"  

Ben White's work concerns the evolution of belief systems by enacting factually confused interpretations of historical persons and moments. By confusing linear history, he points to the inaccuracy of our attempts to understand a historical continuum, while raising questions about the construction of a cultural canon.

Ben White is a graduate of the CalArts School of Fine Arts MFA program, and is currently staff and faculty at the CalArts School of Theater.

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