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Aug. 6th

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Sat. & Sun 1-6pm
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N_DREW (aka Andrew Bucksbarg)
August 4 - August 26
Reception and Performances Saturday, August 4, 2007 7-10PM
VIDEO FOOTAGE FROM THE OPENING (shows how pieces work)


Shufflesition (2006). Interactive IPod Shuffle performance.
To be played by gallery visitors.

Description from the shufflesition website:

Shufflesition: Imposition, Composition, Juxtaposition

A Shufflesition is a mobile system for movement and dance. We use the random playback feature on Apple iPod Shuffles to direct the movement of Shufflers (participants).

A Shufflesition can take the form of a game, a dance, a musical performance, or a social experiment. We're very interested in having a variety of people from different backgrounds write their own Shufflesitions, adding to the possibilities.

Shufflesition was designed by Andrew Bucksbarg and Charlie Hoyt.

See a demo on youtube.

Ecotone (2007). Performance by Andrew Bucksbarg.

Ecotone. Video Documentation (short excerpt) of Performance at opening.

Ecotone. Performance interface

Untitled (My Media Album) (2006-2007). Performance by Andrew Bucksbarg.

Untitled (My Media Album). Video Documentation (short excerpt) of Performance at opening. Note that he is playing a joystick.

Improvisation with Bent Electronics (1998, 2007). Performance by Andrew Bucksbarg.

Improvisation with Bent Electronics. Video Documentation (short excerpt) of Performance at opening.

Works Installed in the gallery:

Cheap(circuit)Tricks (2007) . Interactive sound unit.
Can be played by gallery visitors.

Cheap(circuit)Trick. 1 module

GalagaRemix (2007). Altered video game. Can be played by gallery visitors.

GalagaRemix. Installation View: BENT FESTIVAL 06

GalagaRemix being performed

controller for GalagaRemix


A handheld, mobile audio-improvisual, participatory extravaganza...

Sea and Space Explorations is pleased to announce A/V PLAY! a solo show with exciting new works and performances by N_DREW (aka Andrew Bucksbarg), as well as collaborative work with Charlie Hoyt.

"People tend to forget that play is serious." -David Hockney

A/V PLAY! explores sights and sounds with handheld electronic audio-visual objects and digital cinematic installations centering on works that require participation for their activation.

A/V PLAY! Investigates the frontier of play through process, concept and use.   Play is considered important part of a child's physical, psychological, social and emotional development and well-being and extends well into adulthood in a myriad of ambiguous ways. Play is described by sociologist David Reisman as a quality, as opposed to an activity. A/V PLAY! seeks to explore these qualities through audio-visual activities that focus on live, improvised and interactive projects.  

A/V PLAY! delves into the artist's practice as play in an era of digital media and technology, from hacked and custom electronics, circuit bending, audio-visual noise and rhythms, and VJing to mobile performance using iPod Shuffles, as well as other interactive cinematic work.  

N_DREW (aka Andrew Bucksbarg) is a media artist, experimental interaction designer, audio-visual performer and professor in the Department of Telecommunications at Indiana University. N_DREW 's work and interests reverberate in the space of new technology/media practices and theory. As an experimental interaction artist, N_DREW concerns himself with technologies and social systems that support tactics of ambiguous, autonomous social creativity and exchange.

N_DREW received an M.F.A. from California Institute of the Arts in New Media and Integrated Media in 1999. organicode.net - n_drew@organicode.net

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